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Corporate Responsibility.

Sustainable development is the guiding principle behind our corporate responsibility activities. This responsibility applies not just to our products and how they are manufactured, but also to our employees, environmental protection and social commitment.

As a global technology leader in braking and subsystems for rail and commercial vehicles, Knorr-Bremse has always looked to the future and played a major part in making transportation sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly. This entails a very high level of responsibility – which is why we have made sustainability an integral part of our corporate culture and strategy.


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Corporate Responsibility Strategy and Management

By managing our company sustainably, we assume responsibility towards our employees, customers and business partners as well as for the environment and society. Click here to find out about the CR strategy we have adopted to fulfill our voluntary commitment to sustainable business practices.

Products and Partners

For us, product responsibility means making transportation sustainable, safe and environmentally sound. To accomplish this, we integrate sustainability considerations into the development process, use environmentally friendly materials and develop technologies for sustainable transportation. Working together with our suppliers, we aim to optimize the value chain and live up to our social and ecological responsibilities. Read about where our focus lies here.

Employees and Leadership

We strive to offer our more than 30,000 employees worldwide an attractive working environment. Because qualified, healthy, happy employees are a cornerstone of our commercial success. Find out here how we encourage and empower our employees to achieve their professional goals and how we ensure a safe and healthy working environment through our occupational safety policy.

Environment and Climate

Knorr-Bremse is committed to protecting the environment and the climate in all its activities. We use resources responsibly, we systematically reduce CO2 emissions and we avoid or minimize undesirable impacts on the environment. Read here how we live up to our environmental responsibility.

Commitment and Society

Knorr-Bremse is committed to social and community causes. We make it our business to participate in local life at our various locations, to be a positive influence on the social environment and to help shape it for the better. Click here to find out how we live up to our responsibility as a good Corporate Citizen.

Communication and Cooperation

Knorr-Bremse endeavors to maintain an open and constructive dialog with its various stakeholders and to inform them regularly and transparently about its performance in the area of sustainability. Our CR reports and additional documentation can be found here.


Online Sustainability Report 2022

In our online Sustainability Report 2022, you can find out just how deeply sustainability is ingrained in our corporate organization, and discover the many methods and initiatives we use to pursue our sustainability objectives. Interested? Then browse through our Sustainability Report 2022 !


All publications regarding Corporate Responsibility (CR) can be found in our "Communication & Cooperation" section.

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