Knorr-Bremse company values

Our Corporate Values. Growing with our values.

Entrepreneurship, Technological Excellence, Reliability, Passion and Responsibility. These five values describe who we are. They act as a compass for the way we do business and the way we treat our colleagues, our partners and society.

As a global company, we need a common basis – our five corporate values. Our everyday lives are becoming ever faster, more digital and more connected. Globalization is increasing the competitive pressure on companies. All these developments place great demands on people. Values that are anchored in our core identity provide us with orientation and stability. We are convinced that our shared corporate values help us develop and grow as we take on the challenges of the future.

The following five values describe what sets Knorr-Bremse apart:


We see challenges as opportunities for long-term profitable growth. We identify future demands and have the open-mindedness and courage to develop new business areas. We strive to continuously improve our performance by setting clear targets and focusing on execution.

Technological Excellence

Knorr-Bremse stands for technological expertise and competence in every area of its business. By analyzing market and social trends, we generate new ideas. Our focus is on anticipating customer needs and creating customer value by offering innovative system solutions. We encourage all our employees to use their knowledge to help improve and develop sustainable products and services.


Safety is at the core of what we do – an area where we never compromise. Our products and services are subject to the highest safety requirements and require excellent quality standards in all departments and processes. We keep our promises and personally ensure that the demands of our customers, partners and colleagues are met.


We love what we do. Challenges inspire our creativity. Every one of us is eager to fulfill their personal potential. We are each dedicated specialists in our field and passionate about our performance. We are committed to reaching our goals and prepared to go the extra mile. We recognize people’s achievements and celebrate outstanding success.


As a global company, Knorr-Bremse brings together employees with a whole range of cultural backgrounds and skillsets. We value and promote diversity and foster personal development as a key to our shared success. Fairness determines the way we work, and our governance systems assure compliance in all our activities. Furthermore, we conduct our daily business in a manner that honors our responsibility to the environment and our local communities.