Hands of a production worker with white gloves polishing a new steel component with a brush.

Knorr Excellence. Excellence is our standard.

To fulfil our mission of making mobility on roads and railways safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly, we strive to get even better every day. That’s why excellence is our standard at Knorr-Bremse.

At Knorr-Bremse, we see it as our duty to get a little better every day. Because outstanding products and services depend on a lived culture of innovation and perfection. A vital component of this culture is the ability to identify new demands at an early stage by responding to developments in the market and broader society. This enables us to find intelligent solutions that set new technological standards and offer added value for our customers. At Knorr-Bremse we’ve created the Knorr Excellence program to lay down the organizational framework for the ongoing optimization of all our fields of activity and processes.

Excellence – everywhere and all the time

Achieving a continuous improvement in all our procedures is the program’s central thrust. Striving for excellence is about establishing the shared understanding, the organizational framework and the management structure that bring excellence within reach. All these elements are combined in the Knorr Excellence program.

Uniform performance standards

Knorr Excellence connects up management systems and procedures that define uniform performance standards across business units and regions. We set targets, measure their attainment and document successes, so anyone can draw upon the best practices at any time. The Knorr Excellence program is also about informing and engaging all our employees, raising awareness to ensure that the drive to achieve optimum performance is embedded in everything we do. When improvement measures are identified, they are rolled out across the business units, monitored and analyzed.

Adding value through excellence

In business terms Knorr Excellence aims to secure growth, profitability and financial robustness, consolidating Knorr-Bremse’s “best in class” status. Ever since this program was introduced in 2007, it has been intensively developed and enhanced, reflecting its central importance to the Group.