Thomas Mittmann*

Member of the Supervisory Board since 2024, appointed until 2026.


Thomas Mittmann was born in Berlin in 1968. After successfully completing his A-levels and gaining qualifications as a mechanical engineer and metal-cutting machine operator, he joined Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems in Berlin in 1991. Until 2009, Thomas Mittmann worked as a setter for CNC machines before becoming a team leader in the hydraulics department, a position he held until 2018.

In 2006, Thomas Mittmann was elected to the Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems Works Council in Berlin. From 2018 to 2022, he was Chairman of the Works Council and worked in this capacity as a full-time member of the Works Council.

In 2023, Thomas Mittmann returned to the operational side of the business and has since worked as Technical Coordinator in Site & Facility Management. He has remained a member of the Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems Works Council in Berlin since 2023.

* Employee representative