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Press pictures. The Rail Vehicle Systems division.



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CRH High Speed Train, China
CRH South Railway Station, Changsha, China
Freight Train, USA
Freight Train, USA
High Speed Train, Sapsan, Russia
Rail Freight Traffic, USA
Metro, Delhi, India
Metro, Shanghai, China
Metro, Washington D.C., USA
Metro, Wuxi, China
Metro Station, Wuxi, China
Local Train, Munich, Germany
Passenger Train, Germany
Streetcar, Suzhou, China
Metro Station, Munich, Germany
Lanxin Railway, China
Lanxin Railway, China
Light Rail Transit VLT Carioca, Brasil


Assembly, Suzhou, China
Assembly, Knorr-Brake Corporation, Westminster, USA
Production, Berlin, Germany
Production Air Conditioning Systems, Merak, Getafe, Spain
Production, Munich, Germany
Production, Palwal, India
Assembly, Suzhou, China
Production, Tokyo, Japan
Production, Tokyo, Japan
Production Facility, Itupeva, Brazil
Production Location, Milan, Italy
Production Facility, Liberec, Czech Republic
Production Facility, Palwal, India
Production Facility, Sydney, Australia
Production, Pune, India


IFE Door Systems, Service, Vienna, Austria
IFE Door Systems, Service, Vienna, Austria
RailServices, London Underground, UK
RailServices, New York, USA
Remanufacturing, Berlin, Germany
Locomotives Service, India
CRH Maintenance Depot, China
CRH Maintenance Depot, China
Maintenance, Metro Depot, Shanghai, China
High Speed Train Maintenance, Sapsan, Russia
High Speed Train Maintenance, Sapsan, Russia
RailServices iCOM


Brake Control Module
Flexpad Silent
Driver's Brake Valve
Hydraulic Brake Caliper
Compact HVAC Unit
Compact Brake Caliper for wheel mounted brake discs
LEADER Driver Advisory System
Sanding System
Windscreen Wiper & Washing System
Augmented Reality
VV1000-T, Oil-free Piston Compressor
Cosid Pad for Rail Vehicles
Icer Rail Brake Pad Isobar 600

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