Development opportunities

We want to create an environment in which our employees can develop effectively and allow their individual strengths to unfold. As an outstanding employer , we pursue a dual strategy of education and development to help our employees evolve in line with their specific needs and target groups.


Education is the most important key to personal development and professional opportunities. A wide range of seminars and workshops gives our employees the tools to tackle future challenges and cultivates their knowledge and skills. Our targeted further training includes courses in social and intercultural skills, languages, project management, agile working methods, (brake) technology, quality, law, IT and specialist training.

Personnel development

We pursue the continuous goal of filling as many positions as possible internally and improving our management quality. Our succession planning is conducted on a global scale for the Group as a whole. It is based on well-established tools and processes:

  • Potential analysis (development centers)
  • Management development programs (management promotion groups)
  • Regularly conducted employee interviews and surveys
  • Assessment of managers by the employees
  • Talent development programs
  • Individual coaching