Partnerships in research & development

Developing together

Economic success today is largely determined by knowledge and timing. It is thus no longer enough to simply bring a good-quality product to market. Identifying trends in the market, as well as knowing today what your customer will need tomorrow and how to meet this demand, is just as important. Knorr-Bremse therefore seeks close alliances with collaborative partners in the areas of Research and Development, Qualification and Training, with impressive results.

Collaborations in research and development

Technical University of Berlin
Innovative modular brake concepts for the integrated European high-speed railway system.
Technical University of Munich
Numerous collaborations
with various departments. Knorr-Bremse also sponsors and participates in mentor programs for women engineers.
Munich University of Applied Sciences
Numerous collaborations
with various departments.
Bavarian University of Economics
with individual departments.
University of Mannheim
Worldwide employee survey
as a joint project with the Department of Economic and Organizational Psychology.
RWTH Aachen
with the Institute of Railway and Transport Technology.
Bayrische Elite-Akademie
for the academy and select students.
Ravensburg Professional Academy
Offering of traineeship contracts as part of a dualen Studiums.
German Aerospace Center
Joint project
Developing innovative brake systems for rail vehicles.
Bavarian Education Alliance
Joint decision-making for improving education in Bavarian schools.
Bavarian Economic Education Institution
Financial support
for the "5-Euro-Business" project as well as participation in the "Mädchen für Technik-Camps" project.
Accelerator program
The accelerator brings tech startups together with industry partners and venture capitalists.